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Trinity Churchyard Cemetery
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Trinity Church, Holderness, NH is Listed on the Department of the Interior’s National Register of Historic Places.

Built in 1797 by Samuel Livermore, the church remained in his family until June, 1854, when Arthur Livermore Jr. deeded it along with the adjoining burying ground to the Churchyard Cemetery Association for one dollar. The Association has owned and maintained it ever since. Holderness School opened with a sermon in Trinity Church on September 11, 1879, and it served as the school’s chapel until 1884. The school still holds annual services here.
Bryan Bailey, Holderness class of 1954, has fond memories of the warm spring day when he created this charcoal impression, under the guidance of Herb Waters. First published in the Holderness School calendar of 1954, it is reproduced here with Bryan’s permission.

Any person having an interest in a lot in the Trinity Church Yard Cemetery shall be considered a proprietor of the Church Yard Cemetery and as a proprietor shall have the right to vote at all meetings of the Proprietors.
If you have an interest in a lot please contact us so that we may keep you informed of meetings and other issues which may interest you. A person who has an interest in a lot is not restricted to the owner of a lot; it could be a relative, descendant or a friend.  if you fall into none of those categories, you can still register as a friend of the cemetery.  Your assistance, be it as a volunteer or a donor would be most welcome.

Credits: This site was created by and is maintained by Barry Borella, Holderness Class of 1956, a Proprietor and former Trustee of the Churchyard Cemetery Association, for educational purposes, to locate missing proprietors, to find friends, and  preserve our history.  A special thanks is owed to The New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources.  Especially to Dr. James Garvin and Christine Fonda-Ranke, whose dedication and assistance have served as a catalyst and inspiration. 

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