Trinity Churchyard Cemetery
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Trinity Church is available for Weddings, Christenings, Confirmation Services , etc. 

 A reminder:  The church has no water, electricity or toilet facilities. Seating capacity is approximately seventy-five (75).   Smoking, candles, or open flames are not permitted at any time. The church is available only during hours of daylight.  In the event you are planning to use the church early or late in the day, please first go to "Sunrise and Sunset Web Page"  to determine the time of sunrise and sunset for your chosen day.  Remember to adjust for daylight savings, if appropriate.  We are closed from late fall till the end of mud season in the spring. 
 Any person having an interest in a lot in the Trinity Church Yard Cemetery shall be considered a proprietor of the Church Yard Cemetery and as a proprietor shall have the right to vote at all meetings of the Proprietors.
If you have an interest in a lot please contact us so that we may keep you informed of meetings and other issues which may interest you. A person who has an interest in a lot is not restricted to the owner of a lot; it could be a relative, descendant or a friend.  if you fall into none of those categories, you can still register as a friend of the cemetery.  Your assistance, be it as a volunteer or a donor would be most welcome.

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Please share with us any thoughts, memories, questions or suggestions about Trinity Church and the cemetery.  If you are a Proprietor, as defined in the By-Laws, please also include the plots in which you have an interest.

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